About Us

EPTechnologies is a marine propulsion provider. We are a complete partner, from our in-house batteries to the sail / shaft or Z-drive, we have it all.

If there is something we can't do in-house, we use our extensive network and highly competent partners to find the right solutions.

Our years of experience, quality, innovation and durability is a guarantee for a stress-free drive / sailing experience. We stand by our service!

We also produce our own DC – generator. You will be surprised of how cost-effective we are, as most parts are done in-house or via direct dealerships with production companies.

We can build your electric dream on Water.

Kasper Falkenberg

Owner and founder

Main areas: System Design and Motors & Controllers.

Kasper has been in the field of electric propulsion for over 18 years. He is known for his reliability and profound knowledge of the Systems at use. He founded EPTechnologies 6 Years ago.

Marco Ottiker


Main areas: System Design and Battery architecture.

Marco, who teamed up with Kasper in fall 2018, has more than 35 years of boating experience. As a long time boat owner himself, he knows the problems appearing on a daily basis. 
He believes in systems designed with back-ups.

Both Kasper and Marco has a background in Electric and Electronic engineering.


Ole Petter Hoem

Sales / Marketing

Ole Petter is a real marine enthusiast and grew up with boats. Distance wise he has sailed the equivalent of two times around the world. He has also more than 4000nm on an electric boat. He knows what you need. Technically educated and worked in different sales departments for various international companies.

Other Staff

Further more, there is our Office Angel Miss who keeps track of all the paper work and 3 members in the production-team assembling all parts for the various projects.

In addition we have a freelance Can-bus programmer and freelance designer for our screens, in peak periods we have a pool of people that we can come back to.


German Office and production site