EPT 24V / 48V Battery

Nominal 25.6V 109A

Capacity  2.8kWh

Max continues charge 60A

Max continues discharge 120A

Peak discharge 200A <1S

Optional CAN BUS 250Kb/S multiple batteries on same BUS, 

Life Cycle  > 2000 (@ 80% DoD, Vmax charge 28.7)

2 Years Warranty, as an option 3 Years

Stainless steel enclosure, IP 54, 300x420x115

2 in series is possible to get 48V, unlimited parallel

Racking system

CE certified, UN38.3 in progress

Price up to 10 Pieces 1’675EUR

Price up to 50 Pieces 1’366EUR

Bigger amounts on request


EPT High Voltage Packs

81kg at 15.8kWh = 5.2kg per kWh or 200W per kg

—> finished including ALU case.

Dimension 1090x425x147

88.8V nominal

In series up to 9 units 800V in parallel up to 20 units for a huge 2.8megaWh

104V absolut max, recommended 102V

68V absolut min, recommended 75V

Continues charge 0.8C

Max charger 15min 1.2C

Continues discharge 1.4C

Max discharge 2C for 15min

Temp. range -10 to 50°C

IP 67

Cycle life (25 deg at 0,5C/1C 5% to 95% DOD) more than 2500 

UN 38.3 Certified, DNV-GL pending

Optional internal aerosol fire extinguishing system

Cell level protections: SSD (overcharge protection), internal cell fuse & much more

EPT Rack-system

EPT Standard 12V or 24V or 48V Battery

All in the same module-size in the EPT Rack system

Can be 3 or 4 battery-size or single size