EPTechnologies has a wide range of possible solutions:

- We can basically provide any Engine you can dream of with a power range from 10 to 400KW liquid cooled or air cooled.
- We can combine this solution with shaft, Sail drive, or Z Drives
- We can provide DC Generators form 48V to 700V and from 8 KW to 400 KW,
- We can provide Can-bus systems to integrate all of your onboard electric controls via touchscreen and you can also see your drive and battery status. Note the can-bus systems normally never control the drive system, it is used for monitoring purposes only!
- If you need bigger systems we can also provide fully Can controlled and fully intergrated PMS System.
- We can build in-house NCM or LFP Batteries at very competitive prices. For DNVGL or similar approved Batteries, we can work with one of your Partners.
- We use a Raymarine Display with our own user interface design page for the Drive systems or we can also provide the Philippi PSL display.

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