HV / High Energy

Battery Packs

All New Li-NMC (Nickel Manganese Cobalt) cells provide more power,

lighter weight, smaller size and 25% more range than last year’s LiFePo4 chemistry.

  • Safe!
  • Scalable
  • 5.2kg per kWh
  • up to 800 V
  • Up to 9 in series
  • Up to 20 in parallel
  • Smaller packs on request
  • Made in Germany

The latest and greatest in battery technology! 

These cells have been updated with even lower impedance. Lightweight High Quality 3.7V (nominal) Li-NMC cell. Pre-charge circuits is included in each battery string, isolation monitoring and SoC (state-of-charge) & SoH (state-of-health) calculations as well.

The batteries have a 8 to 12 year life expectancy depending on how well you treat them.

Smaller sized packs can be made on request.

Our team will guide and help you through in the process of what you would need in order for you to get the best experience. It’s important to find the balance between the weight of the vessel and power needed.

Electrical and Mechanical Data

Lithium High Volt battery specifics