Drive Train & EPMS control system

Combines all the information on the vessel for you to properly manage the power.

EPTechnologies has developed a smart HMI (Human Machine Interface), where we emphasise on simple design and ease of operation.

Of course, there is a lot going on behind the screen that is automated and only pop up if needed.

It gives you tools to reduce power consumption, while achieving highest efficiency alongside integration and advanced approaches for switching supplies that lead to a smaller energy consumption

In addition, the visibility you get within this system can help root cause and remedy power problems in a cost effective and timely manner

Power overview catamaran
EPTechnologies Topology chart
For Vessels

Topology Chart

This is an example of a topology chart (process flow diagram) which is made during the planning stage of the propulsion system on vessels. It can be adjusted to the individual vessel and to specific customer needs. We spend a lot of time at this stage to make sure that the output is what the owner has in mind.

Hybrid Control System Overview

parallel set up in 2 variants