We only use the finest and the highest performing products for our projects.

This is an overview of some of the components EPTechnolgies are using in their manufacturing.


Drop in unit

  • EPT designed
  • For Mercury sterndrive
  • 145kW at 5200 RPM 400V

Electric Motors

  • From: 48V,  10kW,  300 RPM
  • To:    800V, 4000kW, 6000 RPM

Electric Motor

  • 400kW continues and 700kW peak at only 295kg
  • This motor is used for boats from 60-250’
  • It can be stacked together for 800kW or 1400kW peak
  • 7800NM in peak torque
  • This is almost 2000hp at only 590kg!

Charge Station

  • EPT CCS2 DC fast charge station in development
  • 800A at 700V
  • 560 kW
  • One cable only

Sail Drive

Shaft Drive

Shaft Drive

Inboard Drive

Boat Thruster

Sea Water Pump


Sea Water Pump


Sea Water Pump