Plug and play systems



turnable saildrive
  • Power 25 – 60 kW
  • RPM 1000 – 3000
  • Voltage 100 – 800 VDC
  • 360° Rotatable
  • Electric servo motor
  • Joystick Control


Saildrive SD 25
  • Power 10, 18 kW
  • RPM 1000 – 3000
  • Voltage 48 VDC


  • Power 25, 30, 40, 60 kW
  • RPM 1000 – 3000
  • Voltage 48 – 800 VDC


Saildrive SD 15
  • Power 80, 100 kW
  • RPM 1000 – 3000
  • Voltage 400 – 700 VDC

Saildrive Introduction

Our innovative saildrive offers an entire electric propulsion system with a powerful electric motor, high-efficiency lithium batteries and utilizing the maximum energy during the sail and battery recharge using the Turnable mechanism.

The saildrive can also come with a 360-degree rotation

Turnable Saildrive

Our pioneering Electric Turnable Saildrive presents a comprehensive electric propulsion solution featuring a 360-degree rotation capability, a powerful electric motor, cutting-edge lithium batteries for high efficiency, and optimized energy utilization through the Turnable mechanism during both sailing and battery recharging phases.

The key advantage of choosing our method is that no additional thruster is required behind the boat. Using our Saildrive technology, we can maintain speeds that vary between 16 to 20 knots.  

We can alter the system based on the boat’s type, weight, length, and requirements.

We are generally adaptable to

working boats, sailboats, yachts, fishing boats, tugboats, catamarans, motorboats, and houseboats

among other vessels.

Wiring Example

EPTechnologies has been testing electric sailing with effective energy generation along the route for the past few years in order to achieve best energy independency.

EPTechnologies’ unique Turnable sail drive creates electricity for the batteries while you sail. Due to its turnable saildrive design the propeller is always streamed in its best possible hydrodynamic position.

We will always stand for being green, silent and powerful.

Normal Diesel v/s EPT Electric system

The 60 HP diesel engine is comparable to the 39 KW EPT electric system. For this combination we are using a 37KWh battery system. The key advantage of our approach is that you can place the battery box in the engine room itself.

This arrangement shows how simple it is to install our system while replacing the diesel engine. As the battery module contains the majority of the electric components within the box itself and requires only a few connections to complete the installation.

We guarantee to deliver good electric power while sailing as well as larger battery capacity for a fantastic sailing experience.


The EPT batteries are self-contained units. They include electronic boards, controllers, and power connections within a compact battery box. They can be used as a single unit, requiring only a charger and controlling modules in addition.

They are designed to be completely airtight and occupies minimal installation space. 

Battery pack EPT