Below you see examples of different generators we use for smaller and bigger vessels. We choose generators designed for reliability. These generators offer the prime or backup power if needed.

Whichever it’s for backup or prime power, our generators run at optimal fuel and engine load set points. They deliver a lower cost of ownership thanks to fuel efficiency, durability and reduced maintenance as run h are much lower than on conventional generators.

As an option we can offer excellent optional sound enclosure.

Some of our high power super yacht genesets we can offer with SCR, DPF and DNVGL if asked for. Some motors even have IMOIII, EU stage V certificates.

We have variable speed DC-generators starting at 8 kW up to 350 kW.

mini generator

UC8 DC Mini – Generator

EPTechnologies has developed an ultra-compact and light weight variable speed DC genset which is believed to be the lightest on the market. This plug and play genset weighs 80 kg which is almost 70% less than a comparable AC generator. 

The light weight is important to save energy and was therefore one of the important factors when designed.

The output is 48V to 700V DC and it creates a continuous power of 8kW with a peak of 10kW.

Dimensions are roughly 690mm x 510mm x 420mm

This generator will be well suited for small boat range extenders, emergency power supply or as a small sailboats’ generator.

YANMAR Generator

  • EPT designed.
  • DC variable speed generator.
  • 8 – 350 kW, 24 – 800 VDC
  • Light and Compact

D4 Generator with sound enclosure

  • EPT designed 150 kW D4 variable speed DC generator
  • 350 – 700 V
  • 150 kW constant R2 rating
  • The sound enclosure is the best in class. The only thing you hear is the ventilation fan, it’s tested, promise!
  • EPT Volvo D8 IMO III, EU stage V

D2 Generator

  • EPT Volvo D2 generator
  • DC variable speed compact generator
  • 20 – 350 kW, 98 – 700 VDC
  • Picture is a Volvo D2-75 with 32kW

D3 Generator

Dr Generator

  • EPT Volvo D3 generator
  • 60 – 80kW depending on voltages 300V – 800V

D8 Generator

  • EPT Volvo D8 IMO III, EU stage V
  • DNVGL class rated
  • 300 kW 400 to 800V constant Rating 2
  • Variable speed