We are a complete marine propulsion provider for electric and hybrid vessels.

With us you get all out of one hand, from our in-house lithium-ion batteries, DC-generators and shaft or Z / Jet drives and it’s  all controlled by our own truster control and EMS / PMS software systems. 

As long-time sailors and boat owners we are aware of the problems that can occur on a daily basis.  Therefore, we create systems designed with backup options and constructing them to be as simple as possible. For big systems with parallel strings we have double communication lines and double system controllers with back up functions.

EPTechnologies can provide almost any motor you prefer, with a power range from 10kW to 4000kW. The motor can be liquid cooled or air cooled. This can be combined with either a shaft, sail drive, jet or z drives depending on your vessel and personal preferences.

Our DC generators have a range from 48V – 800V and from 8kW to 700kW.

We offer Can-Bus and Mod-bus to integrate all of the onboard electric controls via touchscreens where it’s also possible to see the drive and battery status. Note that the Can-Bus systems normally never control the drive system, it is used for monitoring purposes only.

EPTechnologies build in-house NCM or LFP batteries at very competitive prices. 

For smaller projects we use simplified interfaces and standard screens from Raymarine or Philippi

Yacht owners and builders will be guided through the process of turning dreams into real hybrid and electric vessels with the use of the finest quality that makes economical sense.

This is why vessel owners and shipyards shift to Hybrid Propulsion Systems. We are proud to be a leading developer and manufacturer.


Drop-in Unit

EPTechnologies has developed a complete drop-in unit for shipyards. The company recognized there was an opportunity to enhance the efficiency on the yards, especially in times where it’s hard to find electricians and other specialists on the field. Inside the drop-in unit all components are pre-wired in 1-3 frames. It includes batteries, charger, DC/DC, junction box, the controller and cooling. The frames can be custom made in order to fit different needs and boats in series production. 

It’s all pre-wired for easy installation, in other words, it’s plug and play.  

The systems vary from 40 – 400kW and can be mounted on a shaft, Z or Jet – drives and surface piercing installations. It includes the lightest batteries on the market, has a highly efficient motor and controllers, touch screen, mobile app and a stainless-steel throttle. It also includes electric gear shift mounting on Z or Jet drive. Remote monitoring and troubleshooting during service and operation available. This is a system that is well thought through to the smallest detail.

There are a lot of opportunities out there!

  • Power range of 10 kW to 4000 kW
  • Liquid cooled or air cooled
  • Shaft, sail drive, jet or z drives
  • DC Generators from 48 V to 800 V and from 8 kW to 700 kW
  • Can-Bus & Mod-Bus 
  • Build in-house NCM or LFP Batteries 
  • HMI and PLC controlled logics
  • Small projects standard Raymarine or Philippi screens
Fall 2023


Electric Propulsion

The catalogue provides you with a more in-depth overview of what we can offer.

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