Electric Propulsion Systems for larger vessels

A complete marine propulsion provider for electric and hybrid vessels

With us you get all out of one hand: in-house lithium-ion batteries, DC-generators and shaft or Z / Jet drives and it’s  all controlled by our own thruster control and EMS / PMS software systems. 

As long-time sailors and boat owners we are aware of the problems that can occur on a daily basis.  

Hence, we design backup-ready systems with simplicity in mind.

For big systems with parallel strings we have double communication lines and double system controllers with back up functions.

You will be guided through the process of turning dreams into practical hybrid and electric vessels using top-notch, cost-effective quality.

Serial Hybrid Inline Shaft

  • Thermal engine, Volvo, MAN, MTU or other 150 to 1500 HP
  • E-motor up to 50 – 360 kW
  • RPM 1200 – 2200 on the engine shaft

Serial Hybrid

  • Thermal engine, Yanmar 45 – 250 HP
  • E-motor up to 150 kW
  • Generator up to 100 kW
EPT silent night generator

Silent Night Mode set for Yachts & Super Yachts

  • Variable EPT DC Genset, 40 – 3000 kW
  • EPT EMS/PMS control system including 15″HMI
  • EPT Battery 622 V, 110 kWh, factor x of according to yacht size
  • Optional aircon system, direct from the HV DC link

System Options

  • Power range of 10 kW to 4000 kW
  • Liquid cooled or air cooled
  • Shaft, sail drive, jet or z drives
  • DC Generators from 48 V to 800 V and from 8 kW to 700 kW
  • Can-Bus & Mod-Bus 
  • Build in-house NCM or LFP Batteries 
  • HMI and PLC controlled logics
  • Small projects standard Raymarine or Philippi screens
EPT lithium Ion battery

Introduction video including a product example

  • Improved fuel efficiency
  • Reduction of generator use from 24/7 to 2hrs per day
  • Reduced stress
  • Improved reliability
  • Reduced maintenance cost
  • Improving uptime
  • Quieter Operation

Fall 2023

The catalogue provides you with a more in-depth overview of what we can offer.

Catalogue electric propulsion

The first luxury electric catamaran: 

Sunreef 50

Real data shows that we use 2-300 litres per week in charter.

Luxury boats with similar size in the same charter fleet doing the same routes, uses 8-900 litres per week.

Tiril is generator and noise free at night, even with full air-conditioning and all house loads on!

The aim is to run the generator only 2-3 h per day in comparison to 24/7 on similar luxury boats.

The catamarans can be equipped with advanced electric propulsion allowing power to be generated from the propeller rotation while the yacht is navigating under sail. This energy can be used to power the propulsion battery bank as well as the electronics on board.

  • 2 x 35 kW IPM engines
  • 77kW lithium NCM batteries
  • 25kW DC generator (real)
  • 17kW AC generator (real this is max 13kW)

  • 9 kts top speed
  • 8 kts on 50 kW, 75 min on batteries or 3.5 h with generator
  • 7 kts on 30 kW, 2h on batteries or as long as there is diesel
  • 6 kts on 22 kW, 3h on batteries
  • 5 kts on 12 kW, 5h on batteries

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