Technical Support

Eptechnologies offer full remote technical support and online diagnostics for its systems. Depending on the issue it will be solved either remote or an EPT technician or affiliate comes onboard on the vessel world wide.

Spare Parts

We have essential spare parts on stock at EPTechnologies. We are in process of building a global service network and we offer virtual spare part ownership to be stored on board.


EPTechnologies offers warranty against defects in workmanship and materials for its products for 18 months from commissioning or 24 from delivery (Incoterms EXW), whichever occurs first.   As an option, customers can increase the warranty to 36 months with a surcharge. The place of warranty is Hamburg Germany, however we offer worldwide warranty service, travel expenses and parts shipping not included.

Recycling of Lithium Batteries

We are working on a proper life-cycle strategy for the lithium batteries to be in place and recycling is a part of our strategy. This will be done in an ethical and an environmentally conscious way.

Lithium battery recycling has been, until now complex and expensive, nevertheless the future is bright! A report by the Nomura Research Institute (NRI) forecasted that EU will be able to make profits on recycling lithium in 2025, this means that more companies will be interested in recycling and to make use of the recycled materials. We already see many companies worldwide have started lithium recycling projects. This is exciting, we all wish to the whole world thriving for a more sustainable future.