First ever electric luxury catamaran: Sunreef 50

This boat is generator and noise free at night, even with full air-conditioning and all house loads on! The aim is to run the generator only 2-3 h per day in comparison to 24/7 on similar luxury boats.
Real data shows that we use 2-300 liters per week in charter. Luxury boats with similar size in the same charterfleet doing the same routes, uses 8-900 liters per week. This is simply amazing!

 2x 35kw IPM engines

- 77kw lithium NCM batteries
- 25kw DC generator (real)
- 17kw AC generator (real this is max 13Kw)

- Top speed 9 kts,
- 8 kts on 50 kw, 75 min on batteries or 3.5 h with generator
- 7 kts on 30 kw, 2h on batteries or as long as there is diesel
- 6 kts on 22 kw, 3h on batteries
- 5 kts on 12 kw, 5h on batteries