First ever luxury catamaran that is electric: Sunreef 50

This boat will be generator and noise free at night, even with full aircon and all house loads on! The plan is to run the generator only 2-3 h per day in comparison to 24/7 on similar luxury boats!

- 2x 35kw IPM engines
- 77kw lithium NCM batteries
- 25kw DC generator
- 17kw AC generator

- Top speed 9.5 kts, 1h on batteries or 100min whit the DC generator
- 8kts on 40 kw, 90min on batteries or 3h whit dc generator
- 7kts on 30kw, 2h on batteries or 6h whit DC generator

- 6.5 kts on 22 kw, as long as there is diesel.

The above figures can be better if you run both generators at the same time, then you can get up to 37kw out of the genset for the 100v DC drive.