First ever electric luxury catamaran: Sunreef 50

This catamaran is generator and noise free at night, even with full air-conditioning and all house loads on! The aim is to run the generator only 2-3 h per day in comparison to 24/7 on similar luxury boats.

Real data shows that we use 2-300 liters per week in charter. Luxury boats with similar size in the same charter fleet doing the same routes, uses 8-900 litres per week.

The catamarans can be equipped with advanced electric propulsion allowing power to be generated from the propeller rotation while the yacht is navigating under sail. This energy can be used to power the propulsion battery bank as well as the electronics on board.

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 2x 35kW IPM engines

  • 77kW lithium NCM batteries
  • 25kW DC generator (real)
  • 17kW AC generator (real this is max 13kW)


  • Top speed 9 kts
  • 8 kts on 50 kW, 75 min on batteries or 3.5 h with generator
  • 7 kts on 30 kW, 2h on batteries or as long as there is diesel
  • 6 kts on 22 kW, 3h on batteries
  • 5 kts on 12 kW, 5h on batteries

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