Sailing Yachts


Electric Engines

Electric Propulsion systems is the optimal green eco choice.  You have no fume, fuel, vibration and no disturbing background noise. The carbon footprint of these yachts is minimal while operated.

They are also highly reliable as they only have a few parts to maintain, compared to combustion engines with around 2000 parts. 


Hybrid Engines

The Hybrid Propulsion systems have solid performance Atlantic range. The components are chosen due to what needs the yacht and owners would have and gets fully integrated into the management and propulsion systems.

The sailing yachts can be equipped with advanced electric propulsion allowing power to be generated from the propeller rotation while the yacht is navigating under sail. This energy can be used to power the propulsion battery bank as well as the electronics on board. Furthermore, we would recommend solar panels and generators as backup. 


Upon your next yacht purchase make sure that the yacht comes with an Eco plan!