We only use the finest and the highest performing products for our projects. This is an overview of some of the components EPTechnolgies are using in their manufacturing for big and small vessels' propulsion.

Sea water Pump



  • Brushless DC PM Motor
  • 24 V
  • Built to run
  • See presentation below

Drop in unit



  • EPT designed
  • For Mercury Sterndrive
  • 145 kW at 5200 RPM 400 V

Electric Motors

  • From: 48V,  10kW,  300 RPM
  • To:    800V, 4000kW, 6000 RPM

Electric Motor



  • 400kW continues and 700kW peak at only 295kg
  • This motor is used for boats from 60-250’
  • It can be stacked together for 800kW or 1400kW peak
  • 7800NM in peak torque
  • This is almost 2000hp at only 590kg!

Sail Drive

Inboard Drive

Shaft Drive

Boat Thruster

EPT Drive Control System

This is the EPTechnologies HMI (Human Machine Interface) for small vessels. The focus is simple design and ease of operation.

Sea Water Pump Presentation

EPT has developed its own permanent magnet water cooling pump. Its silent and it's made to run for a long time as it has no brushes that needs to be changed. It has 3 different settings: low, medium and high speed. This so it can be adjusted to different boats and for the different cooling temperatures needed.