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LFP Batteries

 This is a superb battery for ferries and heavy duty cycles.

EPTEchnologies Mini Generator

Mini – Generator

April 2022

EPTechnologies has developed a complete drop-in unit

Drop in unit for boats

Drop-in Unit

March 2022

EPTechnologies has developed a complete drop-in unit for shipyards. 


BoatControl App

EPTechnologies is proud to present the newly acquired BoatControl.

It will be our app for remotely controlling the electric boats. However, you can also purchase it as a standalone product in order to have the full overview of your boat.

This App allows you to view all of your boats vital signs directly from your Android, iPad or iPhone.

Open your App and you’ll automatically be connected to the box installed on the boat, with a secure connection, that gives you the answers you are looking for.
We welcome BoatControl into the EPT family!

EPTechnologies Boat App


We are moving

As we have completely outgrown our office and production site, we have been on the lookout for something larger. Happy and proud we can announce that we have purchased a building in Hamburg. We have now more space to grow and can offer better conditions for our staff as the EPT family is growing. We are always on the lookout for people interested in new technology. If you would like to work with us, feel free to send us an open application.

The future is green!

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First displayed on the METS 2021

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Happy New Year


Jan 2021

We are very proud to tell the world that we are working on a new outboard system since this summer, we are able to use one of the best lower legs from the big 5’s in the industry.

  • 1. step This spring we will release our 150HP and 190HP version.
  • 2. step 230HP and 300HP version.
  • 3. step 400HP and also a lower power version with 130HP, 100HP and 80HP options.

Stay tuned for more news next week, with details about our new lightweight battery’s and how it all fits perfect together.

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electric motor
Proud to present


Proud to present: 400kW continues and 700kW peak at only 295kg! This motor is used for boats from 60-250’ and it can be stacked together for unreal 800kW or 1400kW peak, 7800NM in peak torque. This is almost 2000hp at only 590kg! Displayed at the METS 2021


Energy and truster control system

We at EPT are proud of our new thruster and energy control system! It’s for medium, large and even small size vessels and was developed over the last 6 months.
We were simply not happy with the solutions of existing products, so we needed to do it our way.
There is a lot of smart features and we managed to make the system as redundant as possible which was a major goal. Now skippers are able to make remote diagnostics themselves with basic tools, if it’s ever needed. Furthermore, it’s able to revert back to basic mode in case ALL can bus lines fail. All can bus can be plugged out and still be operated in basic mode. Pretty impressive if you ask us!
All can be doubled and a full back-up of the main line, via a second line, is available. Vessel energy management is done via its own seperate PLC and is not connected with the truster control system at all.

Stay tuned for more