Plug and play systems


Drop-In Unit on Frame

  • Power 40 – 400 kW
  • Battery 70 – 500 kWh
  • Voltage 48 – 800 VDC
  • RPM 2000 – 6000
  • Charger, DC/DC, throttle, cooling system, shore power, display, etc
  • Quick and easy installation

Drop-In Unit

  • Z, Jet & Shaft Drive
  • Power 50 – 400 kW kW
  • RPM 2000 – 6000
  • Voltage 48 – 800 VDC


  • Power 35 – 260 kW
  • RPM 4000 – 6000
  • Voltage 48 to 800 VDC

Drop-In unit on Frame

A drop-in unit on a frame enhances convenience, maintenance accessibility, and versatility in power boat design and operation.

EPT will guide you through the process

Drop in unit in a boat EPT

Power your prop – as you want it

System built on a frame – easy and quick assembly.

We have developed a system to meet the shipyards needs for an efficient and safe way to build an electric boat with no difficulties.

The systems are fully tested before shipping from the factory and pass all quality tests and adapted to meet the shipyards wishes and expectations.

  • It’s a highly affordable motor to use, it’s plug and play
  • No fumes, no noise, no emissions
  • On-line software up-dates
  • The range depends on speed, weight, boat type and the conditions at sea
  • It’s the future of boating, the cutting-edge technology of electric boating

Z, Jet & Shaft Drop-In Unit

A unit that fits Z-drive (Azimuth Thruster), jet drive, and shaft drives.

Each propulsion system has its advantages and is chosen based on the specific requirements of the vessel and its intended use.


They are manufactured in a range from 50HP to 400HP and built with the aim of easy operation, exceptional performance with high security standards. The fact that they look good is also an important aspect.

EPT outboard engine

System Options

EPT-Drive Control Systems for smaller boats

EPTechnologies has developed an intelligent HMI (Human Machine Interface) where we emphasise simple design and ease of use.
Of course, there is a lot going on behind the screen that is automated and only pops up when needed.

EPT HV Marine Batteries

We have done extensive testing in order to make sure that the batteries can keep up with the forces of nature.

Our batteries are now close to 30% lighter than the average systems commonly used in the marine industry.

EPT lithium Ion battery
EPT boat control application

EPT Boat Control App

BoatControl is not only an App to see the battery capacity of your EPT batteries but also a remote control for your charger. Furthermore it gives you shore power control, 10 extra contacts of your choice and NMEA 2000 interface from your boat data.