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Solid State Technology Battery
High Voltage

Solid State Tech Batteries

Solid state technology batteries represent a revolutionary development for the marine industry, offering numerous advantages, including enhanced safety, high energy density, and fast charging capabilities. These batteries have the potential to transform the way energy is stored and utilized in maritime transportation, contributing to a greener and more sustainable future. 

turnable saildrive
360 °

Turnable Saildrive

Our innovative Electric Turnable Saildrive offers an entire electric propulsion system with a 360-degree rotation, a powerful electric motor, high-efficiency lithium batteries, and utilizing the maximum energy during the sail and battery recharge using the turnable mechanism. 

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HV Batteries

We continue to develop our batteries. The weight have been reduced to only 4.9kg per kWh. EPTechnologies find it essential to be light weight as to save energy, this was actually the main reason why we started to develop our own batteries. They come with IP 66 rating, are modular and have 1.8C continues discharge. They also have a built-in fire extinguisher to optimise safety. 

For Shipyards

Drop-in Unit

EPTechnologies has developed a complete drop-in unit for shipyards. The company recognized there was an opportunity to enhance the efficiency on the yards, especially in times where it’s hard to find electricians and other specialists on the field. Inside the drop-in unit all components are pre-wired in 1-3 frames. It includes batteries, charger, DC/DC, junction box, the controller and cooling. The frames can be custom made in order to fit different needs and boats in series production. 

It’s all pre-wired for easy installation, in other words, it’s plug and play.  

The systems vary from 40 – 400kW and can be mounted on a shaft, Z or Jet – drives and surface piercing installations. It includes the lightest batteries on the market, has a highly efficient motor and controllers, touch screen, mobile app and a stainless-steel throttle. It also includes electric gear shift mounting on Z or Jet drive. Remote monitoring and troubleshooting during service and operation available. This is a system that is well thought through to the smallest detail.

UC8 DC Generator from EPTechnologies

Mini Generator

EPTechnologies has developed an ultra-compact and light weight variable speed DC genset which is believed to bethe lightest on the market. This plug and play genset weighs 80 kg which is almost 70% less than a comparable AC generator. 

The light weight is important to save energy and was therefore one of the important factors when designed.

The output is 48V to 700V DC and it creates a continuous power of 8kW with a peak of 10kW.

Dimensions are roughly 690mm x 510mm x 420mm

This generator will be well suited for small boat range extenders, emergency power supply or as a small sailboats’ generator.