Press Kit – Main Products Overview

This is a short introduction of our products, please look through our whole homepage to get an in-depth knowledge.

Electric & Hybrid


We are a complete marine propulsion provider for electric and hybrid vessels. Yacht owners and builders will be guided through the process of turning dreams into real hybrid and electric vessels with the use of the finest quality that makes economical sense.

electric outboard motor


First displayed on the METS 2021

They will be manufactured in a range from 50HP to 400HP and are built with the aim of easy operation, exceptional performance with high security standards. 

EPT Drive


EPT drive and the EPMS (Energy Power Management System) combines all the information on the vessel for you to properly manage the power.

It gives you tools to reduce power consumption, while achieving highest efficiency alongside integration and advanced approaches for switching supplies that lead to a smaller energy consumption.

In addition, the visibility you get within this system can help root cause and remedy power problems in a cost effective and timely manner.


Boat Control

BoatControl is an App to see the battery capacity of your EPT batteries and  a remote control for your charger. It gives you shore power control, 10 extra contacts of your choice and NMEA 2000 interface from your boat data.



EPTechnologies continues to develop their batteries. The light marine HV batteries are now 5.2kg per kWh. In Q1 2023 the aim is to reduce this weight to only 4.9kg per kWh. EPTechnologies find it essential to be light weight as to save energy. This was the main reason why we started to develop our own batteries. 

The LV batteries are efficient, scalable and perfectly fitted for the marine industry. A Controller Area Network (CAN bus) is designed to allow microcontrollers and devices to communicate with each other’s applications without a host computer. There is a lot more data than just voltage and current shared over the CANbus. Battery health of cells, battery temperature and so on are also shared over the network.

A small item that makes a big difference

Push Button Switch

High quality connectors with wire socket for mounting, stainless steel, waterproof IP 67. The color’s and design on the icons can be chosen by the customer. They are available as single or double led color, latching or momentary.