About Us

EPTechnologies is a complete marine propulsion provider for electric and hybrid vessels. We guide the customers through the process of turning dreams into real hybrid and electric vessels with the use of the finest quality that makes economical sense.

With us you get all out of one hand, from our in-house lithium-ion batteries, DC-generators and sail /shaft or Z / Jet drives and it’s  all controlled by our own truster control and EMS / PMS software systems. 

As long-time sailors and boat owners we are aware of the problems that can occur on a daily basis.  Therefore, we create systems designed with backup options and constructing them to be as simple as possible. For big systems with parallel strings we have double communication lines and double system controllers with back up functions.

If there is something we can’t do in-house, we use our extensive network and highly competent partners to find the right solutions.

We design and manufacture Lithium NCM and LFP batteries 24-800 VDC. EPT lithium batteries are available in two technologies, 12 VDC in LiFePO4 and 24&48 VDC in NMC, with a nominal capacity from 52 to 150 Ah (2-2.8 kWh). All batteries comes in the same size. Right now, we believe we have the lightest and safest batteries used in the marine industry. We are working on a life-cycle strategy for the lithium batteries as recycling is a part of our future strategy. 

To be able to control the vessels remotely we acquired the App BoatControl. This App is easy to install, adaptable to the individual vessel and is intuitive to operate.  

EPTechnologies also manufacture electric outboard motors with a range from 50HP to 400HP. They are easy to operate, exceptional performance and with high security standards. We also put emphasis on making it a good-looker.

Our years of experience, quality, innovation and durability is a guarantee for a stress-free drive / sailing experience. We stand by our service!

You will be surprised of how cost-effective we are, as most parts are done in-house or via direct dealerships with production

We build your electric dream on water.

The people behind

Kasper Falkenberg

Owner and founder

Main areas: System Design and Motors & Controllers.

Kasper has been in the field of electric propulsion for over 20 years. He is known for his reliability and profound knowledge of the systems at use.

Marco Ottiker


Main areas: System Design and Battery architecture

Marco, who teamed up with Kasper in fall 2018, has more than 20 years of boating experience. As a long time boat owner himself, he knows the problems appearing on a daily basis. 
He believes in systems designed with back-ups.

Both Kasper and Marco has a background in Electric and Electronic engineering.

Sail away – fume free

Pictures from everyday life at the german office