Press Kit

Quick Facts

  • Main Products: Electric Propulsion, inboard and outboard, Lithium Batteries High Volt and Low Volt. Boat Control Application and an online shop with spare parts related to electric and hybrid propulsion.
  • Main Offices and Production Areas: EPTechnologies ApS: Sønderborg, Denmark, 1700 sqm and EPTechnologies GmbH: Reinbek, Germany (close to Hamburg), 900sqm.
  • Founded: 2013.
  • Employees: Constantly looking for more talents.
  • Target market:  Powerboats, sailboats tourist boats, large luxury catamarans and ferries. Electric and Hybrid.
  • Current project locations: Main market is in Europe, expanding in the USA and UAE.
  • Owners: Kasper Falkenberg, Marco Ottiker
  • Turnover: In 2024 the target is 20 MIO EUR

Contact Information

Owner: Kasper Falkenberg: +45 52 380 800
Owner: Marco Ottiker: +41 76 4112 770
Marketing: Anne Sørflakne: +41 78 6747 405